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About Us

Well, we initially started this company as a self-interest. We wanted a more natural way of going about our day-to-day hair and skin care. Soon enough we went from making concoctions in the kitchen to producing our very own line of Blaq M'inenz, all natural products. Our mission is to re-educate everyone we can reach about using more natural products vs. using products that are chemicalized on our hair and skin. Our products are not only good for your skin and hair, but it also contains NO preservatives, additives, mixed oils, fragrances, or any other ingredient you cannot pronounce. Our products are  non-gmo, vegan, 100% homemade, organic, and all natural & made with high quality ingredients. These products will give you a very gentle yet pleasant experience when it comes to your hair and skin routine.

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Our Mission 

Our mission is to re-educate about being natural , being true to your body. We believe that giving your body what it needs, you'll feel so much better about yourself. Knowing that you gave your body the treatment it needed and deserved, you'll feel good about it, the energy and confidence will show in how we carry ourselves. We want people to learn to fall in love with themselves first. If we can uplift one person through my products, its like uplifting the entire world.

About Us: About Us
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